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Great DSLR book

Author: John Williams Male

Established: 26.12.2013, 20:04
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I recommend to all beginners with DSLR photography. Very understandable and fairly detailed information on DSLR.

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Very clearly explained book

Author: Madilon Watsen Female

Established: 26.12.2013, 20:08
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A very successful publication. I can recommend it to everyone who wants to immerse in the mysteries of digital photography, regardless if you have DSLR or compact. Very clearly explained.

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Perfect photography book

Author: Trevis Lens Male

Established: 26.12.2013, 20:12
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Very nicely processed and arranged publication. Organized, clear and readable book.

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Excellent book

Author: Sarah Bell Female

Established: 27.12.2013, 10:55
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Legendary and comprehensive book that every photography fan needs.

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Everything what I expected

Author: Carter Neufeld Male

Established: 27.12.2013, 10:58
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This book has totally met my expectations. It's very easy to read.

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Beautifully explained book

Author: Jessica Cooper Female

Established: 27.12.2013, 21:19
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Awesome, awesome, awesome! Highly reccomend to everyone. I dont like way too intelligent explanation, but I'm excited about every chapter and I'm already looking forward to the next one. Everything is beautifully explained. Many thanks to the author and everyone who contributed to this publication.

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The best book about photography

Author: Matt Gabe Male

Established: 28.12.2013, 12:00
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Beautifully conceived and explained, beautiful pictures. Great book from a man who knows everything about photography and is able to explain it to beginners. I'm not finished reading the book yet but it is already the best book about photography I have ever read. Right now I am going through the basics, composition, etc. .... The book reads well, and you can easily put all the puzzle pieces together. The results will come fast.

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I recommend it

Author: George Steavenson Male

Established: 28.12.2013, 14:58
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Excellent publication, I highly recommend it. Very exact, just what I expected.

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Photo Bible

Author: Bill Moore Male

Established: 28.12.2013, 20:12
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Perfectly worked book. I was so looking forward to it and for me it is something like a bible :-)! I highly recommend it to everyone who take photographing seriously and enjoys it!!

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Great book for a beginner

Author: Daniel Barbone Male

Established: 29.12.2013, 11:24
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Beautiful, comprehensive book. Great book for a beginner, a lot of new information. I think I will study this book for a long time.

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Clear and understandable book

Author: Malina Cummings Female

Established: 29.12.2013, 16:49
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Excellent, clear and understandable.

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The book reads very well

Author: Silvia Tores Female

Established: 31.12.2013, 00:13
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The book reads very well, also maybe because I have some knowledge and experience with SLR. For me, it is the D that is essential in DSLR.

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Useful book for beginning photographers

Author: Mathias Person Male

Established: 31.12.2013, 00:41
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This book takes beginners through all the problems and mysteries of photography from A to Z. There is nothing missing in this book. A very useful book for beginning photographers with DSLR. Very clearly explains how things work and what to focus on.

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